They're everywhere and no where. We see the ads, we are seeing an uprise in the ways people can manage them, we are seeing more about the elimination of the period tax, yet there's still a major gap in how much we actually KNOW about them.

While at least 50% of our clients are experiencing the changes and stages menstruation brings, it is likely that NONE of us received training around how to support and offer treatment and guidance.

Some of the questions our world renowned speakers will be answering are:  

  1. What's the clients reproductive journey been like?

  2. What is the impact of contraceptive choices on their sex life?

  3. What's the role of ovulation in the overall health of a female?

  4. How is perimenopause influencing sexual health, mental health, emotional health and relationships as a whole?

  5. What are the resources and options we can provide to our clients to help them feel informed and empowered as it relates to menstruation, contraception, periomenopause?

  6. How can reproductive physical therapists be treatment partners in helping our clients meet their sexual health goals

And more...

The 2019 Rocky Mountain Sex Summit will be doing a deep dive into reproductive sexual health by bringing in the best and the brightest literally from around the world share the content that is LEADING the conversation on reproductive sexual health.

Learn more about who is coming and register today.

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A Summit created in response to a need to provide accessible training for professionals around sexual health.


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Friday Night Opportunity

Herbs, Tinctures, Moon Cycles, and More!

We are proud to offer a benefit event for Planned Parenthood this Friday night! Enjoy a calm evening of earthy vibes, calming herbs and a little self care.

Josh from Greenthread Herbs will be teaching us about aphrodisiac herbs, sexual vibrancy for all bodies, and you'll learn how to finish your own tincture at home.

Additionally, Vi Tran from the Utah Tea Guild will be closing our Friday night event with an intimate, calming, and introspective tea ceremony meant to inspire you with intention.

This event includes food and drinks. 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. The Wave.


Thanks to our Sponsors!

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